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IMAGINEERING – engineering the imagination.

Design is that subtle blend of colour ,form , texture , surfaces when mixed in the right proportions and stirred and simmered to the right degree produces a WOW moment.
We are forever tinkering around with Weaving Techniques, dyeing procedures, playing with texture and form, using materials to create exciting products and stimulate the imagination.
Working with designers, architects and artist , with the above approach creates their right end product

Design Phase:

The design phase begins with discussions with clients. This takes place to understand the client’s needs. Here we would be using fabric swatches, wall papers, tapestry, photograph or even a random doodle as the basis on which to work.

Once the idea takes form , we move on to working out the best type of weave and the yarns suited for the particular design.
This is where our expertise with the various weaves and types of yarn are of paramount help to our clients.

Generally speaking a design can be done in multiple weaves and different yarns but what will create the right mix of look and price is where we can guide the client. We can suggest if perhaps a design might look better in a medium end Hand knotted type, or a hand tufted weave with the same amount of detailing at a lower cost.

Similarly we may suggest whether an abrush dyed yarn would be better or simple dyeing of the natural yarn would give a better result –whether handspun yarn would achieve the vintage look or whether one needs to go for a space dyeing technique, the possibilities are limitless and this is where our expertise comes into play – these technicalities are our forte and where we thrive.

Once the weave and textures are finalised, we move on to the colour palette – choosing and placing colours. We are hands on with the Chromatone, PANTONE, RAL and ARS colour schemes.

Once this phase is complete we move on to the visualisation phase.

Visualisation Phase:

The drawing is then sent to our in-house designers who then work on the art and convert it into the graph for that specific weave. Depending on the complexity of the design, this may take anywhere between a day to 3 weeks. The graphs are then sent to the client for approval and this process may go back and forth more than once until the client is completely satisfied with it.

Sometimes the client may want a small sample developed first to see how the end result would look. In that case the graph for the sample is first made and the same process is followed until graph approval.

Alternatively, if the client is interested, we can also provide them with a 3D galaincha rendering which also gives a good real life representation of their rug.

Once the graph approval is finalised, the rug moves on to the general Production phase where it is finished and shipped to the client.

Our Sampling service is crucial for us as this is the first impression that the clients get of their orders.

Sampling has been categorised into 5 categories

  • Small sample swatches of 10” X 10”
  • Large Sample pieces of 1ft X 1ft or 30”X 30”
  • Colour poms
  • Coloured Yarn swatches
  • Plain Yarn Swatches

Our Sampling services are, as our production – methodical, time bound and efficient.

The sample record is maintained with us against each order. This is further consolidated with a counter sample being retained with us, which ensures we do not face colour variations or a change in the texture/yarn as we have the reference ready at hand.

The customer can place orders with us against any sample without fearing any disparity in their product.

This extra exercise on our part is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the design , and we do it to ensure it as an additional convenience to our customers .At times we have sent back the references to clients who would like to refer back to their previous works . These could be samples for a specific design, a test weave done as a trial, or yarn dyed against swatches of fabric etc. for an Order.

Putting this record maintenance in practise ensures our customers do not have to worry about placing repeat orders as they are assured their requirements are already saved for future reference.

Would you like to manufacture a custom product?

Our in-house designers drew on their travels around the world, and especially from the techniques they encountered at our rug-making facility in India.